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Casino Comedy Club

Casino Comedy Club – With the tremendous growth in the casino industry in recent years, it is clear that the public loves the excitement and entertainment they offer. While gambling will always be the number one draw, many people are attracted by the entertainment these places have to offer.

The popularity of comedy clubs in Las Vegas and Atlantic city casinos has led to many other casinos offering this fun entertainment option. Comedy and casino are a great complement to each other. Comedy clubs can attract new customers to your casino and give your regular customers a little break.

So how do you put a comedy club in your casino? It is not difficult to set up a banquet hall or lounge for a comedy show but a few things are required for a successful show. The room should accommodate 100 to 300 people with good seating and tables. You want the audience to sit as close to each other as possible, the laughter is contagious. A stage or riser is needed to give the audience a good line of sight. Stage lighting is also needed to get the full effect of the show and to help give the room a performance feel. The number one thing required for a good comedy show is a good sound system. A comedy show that can’t be heard is doomed to fail.

The casino should attract a lot of people because the action will change every week. You should be known as a place with great comedy shows. Put on a quality funny show and great service and word of mouth will spread like wild fire and your room will do great work.

You need a good show that will make the audience want to come back for more. There are a number of booking agencies including “Killer Comedy Online” which has an extensive list of comics and special acts. Anyone you work with, make sure they have experience with casino events. While stand-up stunts would be fine, it’s always good to have visuals and honesty to offer something different. You also need to provide hotel rooms for talent. Most comedy club shows will last around 90 minutes but in a casino it should be 45 minutes to an hour. You want to offer your customers a break but you also want them to return to the casino floor.

Talking loudly is very distracting and can ruin a show. Comics will usually handle any ridicule, but if someone won’t shut up, they should be asked to leave. Your patron is paying to see a professional show not someone in the audience who wants attention.

This kind of event has proven successful for decades and the market is wide open. It is necessary to do it right and get good talent and guidance. If you offer fun shows, your comedy nights can provide a huge income for the casino, and offer your customers welcome relief from the stresses of everyday life.